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About us

A Catholic Community on mission

The Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community is an inter-generational group of families, young adults and children who are united in mutual commitment to each other and the Catholic way of life. 


We have a vision to support all of our members in single life, married life and consecrated life.


Single life is honoured through our commitment to building and strengthening single members of the Community in their faith. We recognise that being single is not a time of aimlessness but an opportunity for active service for the Lord, formation in Christian maturity and discerning God's call.


Families form the basis and stability of our common life. They are the place in which our children are nurtured and their social skills develop. We have a responsibility to evangelise our children, strengthen marriages and form families in Christian life. We value single parents in the community and offer them support.


The rise of celibate vocations in our Community is one of the clear signs that God is with us and that we are bearing  fruit. We are committed to fostering and supporting these vocations where they arise - either privately or as members of the Missionaries of God's Love, the religious order for Priests, Brothers and Sisters, that exists within Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community.


Way of Life

The Community is centred around members committing themselves to our Way of Life that seeks to build relationships, support one another's needs and assist in growing as a mature follower of Christ. 


The personal spiritual life of each member nourishes Community life. Personal daily prayer is encouraged, as is attending daily Eucharist, devoting time to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, reciting the Liturgy of the Hours and having a devotion to Mary, the Mother of our Saviour.


Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community grew out of the Charismatic Renewal, moving under the grace of baptism in the Spirit. Membership of the Community is a response to a specific call to live a Covenant with brothers and sisters in the hope of building an authentic experience of Christian Community.


Our common Way of Life is the evangelisation and pastoral tool we have been gifted with. It is through a radical call to committed relationship that becomes a witness of God's love for each of us. Being a Catholic Community on mission is our motto, inspired by commitment to live out the Covenant with one another.


We are also committed to building Covenant Community wherever the Lord leads us to, meaning we are one Community in many locations.

the way of life

Has 4 core components - Sharing Group, Discipleship, Formation and Gatherings.


Sharing Group

Groups of men and women meet weekly to share how the Lord has been moving in their lives. It is through these groups that strong relationships are forged in the Christian walk.



Each member is accompanied on the journey by a mature member of the Community who offers support, wisdom and experience in life.



Each member receives formation in Christian living, doctrine and application. Each course is designed to assist every member to grow in what it means to be authentic followers of Christ in the context of communal living.


Community Gathering

The Community meets each Sunday to participate in praise and worship of God through song and prayer. It is here that members are inspired to integrate their faith and life in a common way.

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our covenant

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