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Fr John Rea - 


We have been blessed to have Fr John visit us in Perth, for the last 8 years.  


Fr John's humility and his focus on the Lord have been inspiring.      There are many examples of healings as Fr John intercedes.

If you would like to read about some of them, see below.


Fr John has guided us to establish a continuing Healing Ministry (Miracle Prayers) in Perth, and he participates in our intercessions for healing for individual situations throughout the year.


For more information about Fr John's role in Perth, contact us at or (+618) 9202 6868



You are also invited to visit us at 'Miracle Prayers' event, on the second Wednesday of each month. 


For details contact  or via our 'Miracle Prayers' Facebook page.






Markʹs Miracle

Mark had been in pain right through the ‘across Australia’ car trip he, Michelle and their 5 young daughters had embarked on in late December 2007 and January 2008. Back in Perth, he entered hospital in severe pain on 3rd February and is still there. All the while the doctors have not been able to effectively reduce the pain level and Mark has had little respite. Some of us have spent much of our time beside his bedside. Many, many people across the world have been praying for him.

Cat scans and an MRI found the tumour. Mark had two biopsies but neither was able to determine what the tumour was. On 19th Feb he underwent a 6 hour operation to remove it, or at least remove enough of the tumour for a decent biopsy to be performed. Mark’s collarbone had to be broken and it is now fixed with a metal plate and 9 screws. The surgeon told us that he was unable to remove all of the tumour, it was wrapped around the brachial plexus (a network of nerves located in the neck and axilla, composed of the anterior branches of the lower four cervical and first two thoracic spinal nerves and supplying the chest, shoulder, and arm), and there was a significant danger of cutting some of the nerves if he tried to remove everything. But he said he took enough of the tumour to enable an effective biopsy.

Since 19th Feb, the specialists have been trying to identify the tumour. They are still not sure but think they have narrowed it down to a couple of benign tumours (giant cell tumour, or aneurismal bone cyst) and research is continuing. The surgeon said it was absolutely necessary to remove the remaining tumour, otherwise it would regrow and crush the nerves. However, there was a distinct possibility that removing it could severe the nerves that control the right arm, hand and fingers. According to the doctors the whole thing is ‘very rare’; the location was highly unusual, and this type of tumour is usually found inside the bone. So, the 2nd operation, to remove all of the tumour, was set for 28th Feb.

On 17th Feb a friend reminded me of God’s promise in Mark 11:23‐24. Since then, many of us have been vocally claiming that promise in relation to Mark’s tumour.

On 22nd Feb Fr John Rea, a member of Lamb of God Covenant Community who has a strong healing gift, arrived from New Zealand to stay with Disciples of Jesus for a week. During that time Fr John celebrated healing Masses and ran Healing workshops.

On Saturday 26th Feb evening Fr John and a few of us prayed for Mark at the hospital. Fr John specifically prayed that the tumour would go within 24 hours.

On 28th Feb Mark underwent the operation to remove the tumour. The surgeon was surprised to find that the tumour had disappeared. A cat scan confirms there is no tumour. The surgeon has no explanation. We have, because that was what we have been praying for, and claiming!! According to one of the nurses who was part of the Theatre Team for Mark’s first operation, the ‘whole hospital’ is

talking about it. God is a God of miracles. Our challenge is to believe His promises.

Pain is reduced and is attributed now to the broken collarbone. 

All glory to God, and sincere thanks to you for your prayers.



I have suffered from 95% deafness in my left ear since 1995.  It was caused by Industrial deafness, through years in the Fire Brigade and the motor racing industry.  I consulted doctors and was advised there was no possible cure as my ear damage was irreparable.


On 12th October, I attended the healing Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral in Perth.  During prayer, Fr John Rea mentioned that there was a man wearing a blue shirt with deafness in his left ear, and said the Lord wanted to heal him.  I claimed that.


On Sunday 14th, while at the Disciples of Jesus gathering, I felt a lightness in my left ear and realised that I could hear clearly in that ear, the first time in 17 years.  


I thank the Lord for the miracle, and Fr John and the prayer team for interceding with the Lord to grant me this miracle.

George V.



Gʹday, My name is Brendon and I am a member of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community in Perth. 

I was brought up in the Catholic faith, but I have always struggled with belief/faith in Jesus. He must get so frustrated with me sometimes. He has blessed me in so many ways all my life, but I still struggle with belief/faith.


Very recently The Lord has blessed me again. I have had a severe skin problem (serosis) on my back, elbows, legs and right hand side of my head. I also have had an injury to my right shoulder which severely restricts me in my job as a mechanic.

Sharren gave me an elastic wristband, which had been blessed by Father John Rea from New Zealand, just over a week ago. Within 2 days of putting the wristband on my skin problems has almost entirely disappeared after 10 years! I have also noticed an undeniable improvement to my shoulder injury. I have not made any physical changes which could have possibly explain why my skin condition would suddenly begin to clear up after 10 years, other than accepting and agreeing to wear the blessed elastic wristband.

I am amazed how extremely persistent the Lord is, in trying to remove the blinders from my eyes and must really want me to come to Him. He has never lost patience with me for being a thick‐headed, foolish man.

Thank you, Jesus, for healing me. Thank you for wanting me and Thank you for your patience and persistence with me. I do love you for being my Big Brother and watching over me and ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit so I can be fully healed and be the man you made me to be.



Frank, a nurse, has suffered from chronic mid‐thoracic back pain, after an accident 20 years ago.   It has been a constant ache, and at times he was in agony.  He has consulted a doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, undergone various heat therapies, stretching, and taken pain killers.  They have provided only temporary relief.


Even when his children were babies, Frank was unable to hold them for any length of time.  


During October 2012, Frank was participating in a group run by Disciples of Jesus Community.  On 11th October, Fr John Rea was the guest speaker; his topic was healing and he spoke about some of the ways God brings healing.  Frank was experiencing agonising pain for about a month, and so he prayed that he would be healed when he saw Fr John.  As Fr John addressed the meeting, Frank realised that the agony associated with his back had diminished.  At the end of the talk, Fr John prayed a general healing prayer.  The pain in Frank’s back disappeared!


The following Sunday, at Mass, Frank’s 6 year old daughter wanted him to pick her up.  Tentatively at first, he lifted her up.  No pain.  He kept holding her.  No pain.  In fact his back felt light, as if there was something reinforcing his spine.  After Mass his family went on a picnic, where there was lots of activity.  He played freely with the children and felt no discomfort at all.


He has continued to be pain free.



Dear Fr John Rea, 


My name is Jenny L and I had the pleasure of meeting you at St Patricks Basilica in Fremantle in August 2011. 


With so many people coming to see you desperate for your help I asked myself what makes my pain any different to everyone else here. When it's a mother desperate for help to take away her child's suffering , you find yourself in a church waiting in a line to receive a special healing from a priest with a special gift. 

When I told you my daughter has cancer and going for her second round of treatment, you put your hands on my shoulder , my tears uncontrollable, said a small prayer, looked at me and touched my hand and told me I would be writing you a letter. 


My daughter Rebecca has nearly reached a year  of being cancer free. She has been through a lot of treatment and a stem cell transplant but has come through all this amazingly, her strength inspires us all even her specialists. 


My family and I were given a special gift that night, which I'm blessed to have with me every day. The gift of faith, hope, peace, and an inner strength are not just words on a page but mean so much more. There is no gift more special than the health of a mother’s children. 


God bless your work, thank you 

Jenny L



At the moment there is no known cure for eczema.


In 2010 Frank and his wife Annalisa’s new baby developed chronic eczema.  Moving on to solid foods at 6 months of age did not help; the eczema got worse.  


Over the following months, Maria’s rashes worsened.  Her face and body were covered with severe scratches and bleeding and scabs.  They tried many creams and ointments recommended by doctors and chemists.  


In mid 2011, Annalisa arranged to see a top specialist, but they had to wait 3 months for the appointment (October).  During that time Annalisa and Frank recorded everything Maria ate.  They were absorbed with worry about what may be making the eczema worsen.   


In early August, they heard about the visit of Fr John Rea, and decided to take Maria to one of the events on 14th August.  On 7th August, a friend told them that Fr John was actually having a healing service at the Disciples of Jesus venue that afternoon.  Annalisa quickly got the children ready and went to see Fr John.


While waiting for the healing service to begin, they were listening to the music when Annalisa realised Fr John was sitting directly in front of her.  Thinking that Fr John may have been immersed in prayer she dared not disturb him.  However, after some time, she leant forward and quickly told him about Maria’s problem.  Fr John prayed with Maria, and immediately Annalisa noticed immediate improvement of the rash on Maria’s hands.  Over the following days Maria kept improving.  She had no adverse reaction to any food.


On 20th October, Annalisa took Maria to the specialist who could find no trace of any eczema.  Annalisa shared their faith journey and the healing that had taken place.  The doctor had no explanation.



I picked up Fr Rea from a house in Greenwood and took him to a friendʹs house.  My friend’s husband had cancer wrapped around his spine.   When the healing prayers were said Fr Rea had asked me to join him. I had felt something in the room that day ‐ a real presence!


My friendʹs husband is now in remission. Fr Rea is an amazing man with so much faith ‐ a real treasure.


Yours in Faith, 




Dear Father Rea.

Just over six months has passed since I met you during your intensive program of healing services in Perth. I hope you are well and able to continue your healing ministry and the wonderful work that you are doing for people of all faiths everywhere.


I feel that I am certainly a beneficiary of your blessing with my prostate (PSA) readings reduced from

6 when we met to a very manageable reading of 2.7 this last week. About a fortnight after you left Perth I attended a two month intensive, external beam radiation procedure, which you may recall I raised with you at the time.


My view initially was that surely now the radiation program was not needed following the healing prayers that you said over me. I had never felt more confident about anything in my life following your blessing. Indeed whilst I had no right to think or say this, I did expect a positive result.


At the end of the evening I sought both yourself and Reg’s opinion on whether it was necessary for me to proceed with the radiation sessions which had been fully programmed for me? You each independently gave me the same strong message that I should continue with the planned medical procedure and concluded with the words: “Let God work it out”.


I apologise for my naivety on these matters as it was my first healing service and indeed the first time also for radiation.


My sincere thanks for your care and courtesy.

God bless you and your work.

Kind regards,


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