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A Catholic Community



The Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community began in October 1979, and, on 1 September 1994, amalgamated with Hephzibah Covenant Community which began in February 1982.  The amalgamated Community, which retained the name Disciples of Jesus, currently has branches in Denpasar (Bali), Canberra, Cairns, Sydney (3), Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Wollongong, Manila (Philippines), and Port Moresby and Mount Hagan in PNG.  It now numbers about 1100 men, women and children.  Since the early  1980's the Community has been affiliated with other covenant communities throughout the world, and is a member of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships which is recognised as a private association of the Christian faithful of Pontifical right.  The Community's ministry and wide mission outreach of evangelism is well known throughout Australia and in many other countries.


Disciples of Jesus Community  is a body of families, singles and priests who have come together under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to live a common life of prayer, sharing and service. 


The Missionaries of God's Love, flowing from the grace of the Community, is a body of men and women who are dedicated to living the Gospel of Jesus by sharing a common life, and by consecrating themselves to the Lord in poverty, chastity and obedience.  They are called to live this way of life either as Priests, Brothers or Sisters.


Being members of a Catholic Community has given us a deep identity, and a certain mission to foster a rich and authentic Catholicism, not only among ourselves but also to seek to share this  renewed grasp of our Catholic faith with other members of the Church.  We understand ourselves as being a body in and for the Church.  We desire to live in deep unity and spirit with the Pope and Bishops, and to be loyal to the teachings of the Magisterium.  We find authentic tradition in the lives and writings of the Saints and Fathers of the Church. 


Members have a strong sense of the Sacraments in their life.



Covenant Community


In various parts of the world God has raised up Covenant Communities in the work of His Holy Spirit from the Charismatic Renewal.


A Covenant Community is a group of Christians who have been led by the Lord to bind themselves to Him and also one another in the form of public commitment.  Its call is to live a Christian lifestyle, in family and single life, through openness to the charismatic gifts, worship and prayer, sharing and teaching, and support for one another.


Disciples of Jesus is a Covenant Community.  We have chosen the word 'covenant' to designate the special character of the Community.  It does not override the vital covenant established with God through the Church.    We believe that the Lord has called us together as a Community within the Catholic Church.


In describing ourselves as a Covenant Community, we see our community life as lived under a covenant.  We enter into a solemn agreement before the Lord (we have already entered into an agreement with the Lord in Baptism) and with our brothers and sisters to live the life of the Community.


Having the concept of covenant as a basis of our Community life, we can draw from the Old Testament teaching on covenant:


     God has called us to the Community; it was God's initiative.

     God does claim us as His own.

     We receive God's blessing and protection as we live out our Community life.

     We are called to separate ourselves from the 'paganism' around us, so that we can be truly His.


We can especially accept the call to covenant loyalty and affection ("hesed") as we live out community life.




         The founder of Disciples of Jesus

   Covenant Community

   Colin Sutton




        the founder of Hephzibah

       Covenant Community

           John Kennedy, with his wife Jan,


meet Pope John Paul II


      The two Communities amalgamated

     in 1994, and retained the name

          Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community


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